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MICROSOFT Office is not the only product available for general Word-processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Presentation applications. A totally compatible product from Sun Micro Systems named “Sun Open Office” is available and the best thing about this product is that it is totally FREE OF CHARGE.
Yes you heard me right, a complete office solutions package is available at no cost to the end user. Bing I.T. can download this product to your office or home computers without incurring any cost for the usage of the software.
Windows is not the only operating system in the world. To draw a parallel, remember when diesel engines were noisy had poor acceleration and belched out black smoke? But heavy users bought them because of the reliability factor. Well a similar scenario has occurred in the world of computing except the other way around.
In a few years time we will be saying remember Windows 7? It was meant to be the greatest operating system to be invented, however, much of Windows 7 is directly copied from the various versions of Unix available.
Many of you will never have heard of Unix but, to explain, Unix is the diesel engine in computing terms, except they have fitted turbojets to it and it now has a nice Windows based front end. This means I can take an old slow PC, reinstall a Version of Unix and hand you back a PC which does not wait to load applications or documents. it simply just happens. No more stalls, waits and hang ups.
Microsoft has become the dominant force in personal computing, however, the largest force is not necessarily the best. More Ford cars are sold world wide than a Mercedes Benz. but  what would you rather drive?
For more information call Bing I.T. on 028 9065 0772 or 079 5299 9048 and get 10% off your first booking – see advert on page 6 of Local Shopper South Belfast 2, May 2010 edition.

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